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Live, Online or Hybrid. We’re the perfect AV Partner for your next event.

At JnS, we understand that hosting a successful corporate event requires seamless audiovisual (AV) experiences. Whether you’re organizing a conference, seminar, product launch, or team-building event, our comprehensive AV services are designed to elevate your event to new heights. With years of experience and cutting-edge technology, we are the trusted partner you need to make your corporate event truly unforgettable.

Our AV Services Include:

Professional Sound Systems: Crystal clear sound is crucial for any corporate event. Our state-of-the-art sound systems ensure that every word spoken and every presentation made is heard with absolute clarity, whether it’s a small meeting or a large conference.

High-Definition Projection: Make a big impact with our high-definition projection services. From large projection screens to LED walls, we can cater to your specific needs and help you deliver impactful presentations, videos, and multimedia content.

Video Conferencing Solutions: In the age of remote work and virtual events, seamless video conferencing capabilities are more important than ever. Our advanced video conferencing solutions allow you to connect with remote attendees, speakers, or clients with ease.

Lighting Design and Effects: Create the perfect ambiance and atmosphere for your corporate event with our expert lighting design and effects. Whether you want to set a formal tone or add a touch of excitement, our lighting team will make it happen.

Live Streaming Services: Reach a broader audience by live streaming your event. Our live streaming services enable you to engage with remote viewers in real-time, expanding the reach and impact of your corporate event.

Interactive Technology: Enhance audience engagement with interactive technology solutions. From audience response systems to interactive touch displays, we offer various tools to make your event more dynamic and participatory.

Event Staging and Set Design: Impress your guests with a professionally designed event stage. Our creative team can craft a captivating set that aligns with your brand and event theme, ensuring a visually stunning experience.

Technical Support and On-Site Assistance: Rest assured that your event is in capable hands. Our experienced technicians will be on-site to provide technical support, troubleshoot any issues, and ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Recording and Post-Production Services: Capture the highlights of your corporate event for future use or promotional purposes. We offer recording and post-production services to create professional-quality videos of your event.

Customized Solutions: Every corporate event is unique, and we tailor our AV services to suit your specific requirements. Our team will work closely with you to understand your vision and deliver a personalized AV experience that exceeds your expectations.

When it comes to AV services for corporate events, JnS is your one-stop solution. Let us handle the technical aspects, so you can focus on the success of your event. Contact us today to discuss your event needs and let’s make your corporate event an unforgettable and seamless experience!

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Core Services

  • Sound (Corporate and Live)

  • Lighting (Professional and Party)

  • Staging (Indoor and Outdoor)

  • Video (LED Wall and Projection)

  • Live Streaming

  • Hybrid Conferencing

  • Technical Support

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