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Live Streaming

Now physical events are back, why not keep live streaming them

Times have changed

We all know how tough it has been with covid for live events and how somethings events moved online. Now physical events are coming back it the perfect opportunity to live stream them.

By live streaming them you are able to have a physical event with the live atmosphere but also extend the reach of your event though the internet!

Here at JnS we offer professional level streaming quality to services such as YouTube and Facebook and with our vast years of experience with audio, we are able to offer high level audio to everyone watching.

With JnS offering sound, lighting and now live streaming in house we are able to create a tailored made solution just for you and your event. This allows for closer control and communication between all departments to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Live streaming services we offer include:

  • Multi camera streaming
  • Long distance network cameras
  • 4G streaming capabilities
  • Multi microphone solutions
  • Media servers


Your Perfect Living Streaming Solution

Enquire about how JnS can make sure your event is remebered for time to come.

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